Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maintenant, ma vie

I haven't had a proper update in a while.

LSATs are done. It went a lot better than the last time. I felt like I knew how to conquer most problems. I hope my score reflects the confidence I had when I left the test.

Now it's on to looking for a job. I heard about a Fellowship Program with the Judicial Council of California and I'm going to apply for that. It doesn't start until September. This afternoon I got a call about a Legal Assistant position. Too bad I missed her call. I'll call back tomorrow morning. That sounds good doesn't it?

So I'm in the process or transforming my bedroom into a walk in closet...with a bed. Haha, my wardrobe is all over the place, bulging out of drawers and dresses hanging from my loft bed. It's uncontrollable. But the thing i,s I haven't been buying clothes. I just shop through my mom's old suitcases full of vintage finds. It's pretty awesome. I have just been altering her clothes, which is always calming for me.

My life is very consistent right now, which is so great compared to the rollercoaster ride I had a couple months ago.

I have decided to take more pictures of my life. So in case I get Alzheimer's I won't forget. =)

So I spent Valentine's with my family for my Grandpa's Birthday. We went to Koi Palace in San Francisco. My Aunt from Texas was here so we spent time with her and took her to Milpitas and went to Sweethearts and had Milk Tea and Gai Dan Tzai or egg waffles ( I think that's what they called it). It's not Hong Kong quality but better than nothing.

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