Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wedding Bells

My cousin Alex got married recently. It was a beautiful ceremony. I don't usually cry at weddings or most things in general, but when I see other people cry it causes my tear ducts to react and they start to water. And I sat next to the two most emotional people in my family, my mother and Godmother.

I think my grandparents are the cutest couple in the world. They have been married some 60 or more years. I hope to find a love like them. They make me hopeful of the future.

I have a pretty large family. Here is some of us. Most of the grandkids are missing.

The good thing about a big family is that we have a lot of weddings to attend now, since we're all growing up. I love going to weddings and I have one more to look forward to this year. Weddings make you want to believe in love and all that gushy stuff. For the most part, I'm pretty cynical about love but I secretly (or not so secretly) love love and being in it. But I'm in no rush to the alter anytime soon.

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