Sunday, July 1, 2012

Five Item Challenge

Since today is the start of a new month, and after realizing that the past few months that I've been buying a lot of new clothes, I have decided to do this 5-item challenge for the next 2 months until September.
    "This challenge allows me to buy only 5 items for the next three months including accessories, but not including necessities like underwear and socks... There is no price limit, but I obviously want to do the best I can in the savings department. This will hopefully cut down on my spending for the next three months while putting a lot of thought into my purchases focusing on needs vs. wants and paying close attention to the quality of items."
I got this idea from a fashion deliberation, a new blog that I stumbled upon by a tax attorney who is petite, just like me! It's a great blog for getting inspiration for professional attire for petite women. Let's see how I do with this challenge. I have already started an excel spreadsheet for all the new purchases I've made since May. It makes viewing and remembering all those purchases easier since I tend to forget about new clothes once I've bought them. So this challenge will make me more accountable since I'll be sharing those 5 purchases with you guys.

Edit: I have decided that I'm allowed 6 items that are under $20.  Also 4 accessories under $20 as well. I'm just being honest with myself. So that allows me to do some thrifting after work, since I plan to do some more alterations at home after realizing how costly (and crappy) alterations at a dry cleaners can be.

Most of my recent purchases have been more work-related clothes due to my new summer internship. All of my old work clothes no longer fit because somehow law school has made me loose weight since my last full time job. So that meant new clothes for me!

P.S. Lately my blog has been a hodge podge of things and I'm thinking of trying to re-focus it to be more "useful". Let me know if there are things you want to see.

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