Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Instagram Closet

Jacket: Gap - Necklace: For the Makers - Jeans: Levis - Flats: H&M

These are very old. Like from this Summer old. That I forgot because I was studying for the Bar and did not have time to update my blog. So here they are, just for nostalgic purposes.

Dress: from Hong Kong - Belt: Primark - Sandals: Target

Kimono sweater, tank top, shorts: H&M - Necklace: For the Makers - Sandals: Gap

Dress: Urban Outfitters - Sandals: Kelsi Dagger

Jacket: super old from Nordstroms - Skirt: H&M - Sandal: Zara - Belt: vintage

 This is when I went for comfort as I was basically living in the library by this time.

Shirt: Lumineers concert tee - Espadrilles: Soluda

Then I had some retail therapy for the stress I was going through...

Shoes: Zara (on sale!)

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