Friday, January 16, 2009

A Cup o' Tea

I've been feeling frazzled lately. All that has been on my mind is the LSAT. I haven't watched tv in a week. I haven't talked to my friends in like two days. That's really a long time for us. But I talked to Joann and she reassured me that she won't hate me for being away and for not having that much time anymore. I no longer have the leisure to go out except to go to the library, which is interestingly bizarre. I'm such a noisy. I always wonder what the other person is studying when I should be studying myself.

I felt so exhausted that I wanted a nap, but instead I took to knitting and a cup of milk tea. It's really soothing. I'm such an old lady. I love it. =)

Oh, so I wanted a Sprinkles cupcake yesterday and when I woke up and checked facebook this morning, someone send me an anonymous cupcake! It made me smile but I don't know who sent it, which probably makes it more exciting. Hehe.

I hate that my future is based on this test. How badly do I want it? So badly.

Edit: Also I wanted to mention I sometimes feel that my radio is talking to me. The music that comes out is so in tune with my current events that it's crazy.

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