Saturday, January 31, 2009

A whole bunch.

If you can't tell, I haven't been out in a while. I'm either at home or at the library or else in class, which is fine with me. It's all apart of my cleansing. But I miss my friends to death! I can't wait to see them.

Everyday I find something in my room that I need to get rid of. I have discovered where I get my pack-rat sensibility from, my parents. Of course! They would leave a bunch of empty printer cartridges around. For what? Who really knows. When I tell them that we have these little baggies that you can put in the mailbox so they get recycled, my dad puts them to the side and leaves them there. The mailman won't come into our house and take it, you have to put it in the mailbox! They seem to want to save everything, from clothes that are way too big, to branches from the trees?! What?! Why?! My father responds by saying matter-of-factly, "To make my own firewood." Of course! Really? Is that necessary? I think my dad just might be a granola-eating, tree-hugging, hippie. He is kind of deep and I do suspect he smoked some of that purp when he was in Ohio. My father, my favorite.

So this post was supposedly for me to rant about how I detest Valentine's day, but I'm sure it seems that way because I'm bitter and single. Hah! Not bitter, actually. But I just don't understand why one day out of the year, couples are supposedly more in love and that's evident by the sold out roses and chocolates. In my mind, everyday should be like that. I should be showered with love every second! Ok, I lie. But really? If I were to settle, I'd rather have every day be semi-mediocre than have a rollercoaster of a relationship and one day where I get chocolate covered strawberries at my doorstep (hint: this is right out of chapter of my life (isn't everything here )). That is because those strawberries and the rest of the pink and red colored world remind me that not everyday is like this and it should be, at least in my world.

Why can't I have a love that makes me want to draw pictures of "me and you" everyday? Why can't I have a love that makes me want to make you mixed cds of stupid love songs everyday? Why can't I have a love that makes me want to cook you dinner every night?

Because I haven't found that love.
I can be that girl, but I need to find that boy that makes me want to try that hard.

P.S. Now that may just be the weirdest post ever.

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