Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snow and stuff.

So where have I been?

This past weekend I went to Tahoe for a day just to play in the snow. I love my new board, it is so amazing. My dad actually went skiing with me, which was pretty cool considering he hasn't skied in 10 years. My brother had a project so he didn't come with us, just my parents and I. My mom, who doesn't ski or snowboard, just sat in the restaurant all day, which I can imagine is boring. But it was my best day ever. Usually when I snowboard I go with my cousins and my brother and I feel obligated to wait for them so it usually takes a while to get down the mountain. I don't get to go at the speed I want. But this time, I was free to go on my own because my dad can handle his own. I did eat it a few times but I just flew down. It was so amazing because the weather was so nice and sunny.

Me and Lake Tahoe in the background.

So I've also been altering and sewing some clothes. This shirt was once a weird looking dress.
I cut the skirt and made it a top.

These shorts were once Volcom cropped pants. I was about to donate them when my mom said I should just make them shorts. They are a little long but if I pull them up a bit, they get this bubble effect. I think I'll keep them.

This shirt was once an even bigger shirt. I like the baggy-ness of it, so I just made it a bit smaller in the sides. Nothing too drastic yet. I like the simplicity of it.

These three pants I just altered. The corduroys were these super obnoxious flares that Hollister used to sell back in the day. I wore them like once. So I decided to be like J. Crew last fall and make them skinny. They look really good now and I will definitely wear them (even if they are Hollister). The other two I just hemmed the legs using this new technique I found off of Burda.
Here is a close up of it. I keep the original hem and everything. No cutting required. I know Nordstrom charges $22 to keep the original hem. Yikes. I'm all about saving money (now more than ever).

I usually always do my own pedicures, but I got a French tip once and I learned to do them myself now. I'm pretty good now. Haha.

Pardon the ugliness of this post. I don't know what is going on.

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