Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!


Oh yes, my birthday was yesterday. I almost forgot. I'm 22 and yet I still feel 14.

I spent the day with my best and a few friends at the beach. We had a beachnic with cheese, crackers, chips, and apricot beer. The sun peeked out for a bit. It was relaxing even though it windy and we got kicked off the beach. It was still fun. All was not lost because we went to Bettys Burger and had sweet potato fries and burgers. So worth it.

Oh btdubs, did I ever tell you? I have the bestest bff ever. She knows me like no other and ever time we hang out my face hurts from laughing. That's love for sure.


That's her! I hope she uploads pictures from the beach so that I can steal them because I don't have any. Sadface.

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