Monday, April 5, 2010

Food Journal # 16

Breakfast: Strawberry and Avocado Smoothie; half a homemade chocolate chip waffle (so good!).

Snack: A handful of mixed nuts.

Lunch: California Pizza Kitchen's Moroccan Chicken Salad. It is the best salad. I only ate like a third of it because I was so swamped at work. A piece of the Garlic Cheese Focaccia with Checca. Two slices of sourdough and butter (bad...)

Snack: Activia Light Strawberry Banana yogurt.

Dinner: Sauteed Spinach, pan seared salmon, chicken stir fried with red onions.

Dessert: Little bit of fresh mango and a piece of pear.

Ballet was awesome today after a week off. Supposedly there something called Spring Break. I don't know about it because grown ups don't have such a thing. (Sense the sarcasm?) I needed the stretch for sure.

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