Saturday, April 3, 2010

Food Journal Weekend Edition

I'm a little behind. Woopsies.


Breakfast: Almond Croissant and a boiled egg. Half a frosted donut. Fat free milk.

Lunch: One slice of thin crust supreme pizza. One bowl of kettle corn.

Snack: Small Original and Mango Pinkberry with strawberries, mangoes, mochi, and apple cinnamon granola. Two small roasted sweet potatoes from the Sweet Potato Stall in Santa Clara (you should go there!)

Dinner: Sala Thai! Thai Ice Tea, Pad Thai, Pad See Euw, Garlic Fish, Yellow Curry, Roti for dessert with coconut ice cream (Serena's late birthday celebration!)


Breakfast: I made waffles for breakfast, with milk tea. I'll post pictures and recipe later.

Lunch: Dim Sum at Asian Pearl after church.

Snack: The last two roasted sweet potatoes from yesterday. A mini Toblerone.

Dinner: Chinese choy; wood ear with chicken and mushrooms; curry fishballs and daikon.

Dessert: 2 bites of fruit tart.

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