Friday, May 14, 2010

Scream for Ice Cream


Adam Richman has been to the San Francisco Creamery to demolish the sundae known as the "Kitchen Sink". That entails 3 bananas, 8 scoops of ice cream, and 8 toppings in a wooden sink. Intense.


Instead we had the brownie sundae, which was bigger than we expected. That pink stuff is a melted Peppermint Crunch, which was bomb, with Carmel White Chocolate and Coffee Cooke Dough. The best tasting diabetes in a bowl I have ever had. They make all their own ice cream by the way. Yay! Local!


After. Killed it. It took 3 of us.


My cousin and I. Happy but defs feeling bloated.

San Francisco Creamery
1370 Locust Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 926-0228

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