Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For my Mama

I have been so busying studying, that I didn't really acknowledge Mother's Day. So when I study, I get distracted by everything else around me. I have come to accept that this is how my brain works (or doesn't work). So instead of fighting it and cursing the heavens for getting distracted once again. I usually write about it, in my journal, facebook status, or here.

So I was thinking, how I haven't seen my mom in a while. Ok like 2 or 3 weeks but that seems like a long time. Oh and I was watching this video:

And I was so grateful my mom was not like those crazies, with the Indigo child and stuff. Man, growing up I always thought my mom was so harsh and strict. I wasn't allowed to go out with my friends until I was 16. Real talk. And my mom even walked me into the movie theater, and somehow talked the ticket boy into letting her and my little brother in to make sure I was seated. So no one would steal me on the way to see Spiderman 2. True story, super embarrassing because I was sitting next to the boy I kind of liked! (I will do this to my own child now. Thanks for the idea Mom.)

Oh man, how me and my mom would fight. Usually over curfew or talking on the phone late at night. Dumb stuff. But it used to get me so angry, because I was like in high school and had all those new hormones in me and stuff. (Late bloomer over here)

But now that I'm older, dude I'm about to be 24 in like 2 weeks, I kind of appreciate it all. Our relationship has definitely changed, for the better of course. Maybe this should be attributed to me moving out on my own, or my maturity (hah! yea right), but we rarely fight (unless I'm pmsing and raging at everyone).

But Mama Tung has taught me everything I know, and shit I still don't know but she already told me so, so I should know. And she's pretty awesome and is a fabulous cook. Not so great at baking, but I picked up her slack. She get's an A for effort. Uhh I spent most of my childhood not knowing that chocolate chips cookies consisted of more than one chocolate chip. She used to just put one in the middle. Also, cupcakes have frosting on them. I learned that one later in life as well.

I know you're reading this because you're my biggest fan and I'll probably get an email or phone call telling me you read this but that I should be studying instead. But I just wanted to tell you I love you mumsies.

This picture is kind of old, but I tried to find the most flattering picture of us (i.e. me). So you know.

Teehee. Not gonna lie, I was cute. My mom told me she was behind me holding me up because I couldn't sit on my own yet. Hahaha, my dad would make her do that.

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  1. dude, my mom used to do the one chip in the middle thing too! and not frost cupcakes! your mama sounds awesome :)


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