Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

It's only a couple more hours before 2008 is over and 2009 begins. This year has been a whirlwind of events but I cherished every moment of it. Every laugh, every tear was a lesson learned and a moment I got to experience. So while some parts I wish went differently, and others I wish lasted longer I am still fortunate to have had them.

2008 showed me that I can be alone and be ok. In fact, it was a great time for me to be single again. I haven't been single in 4 years and this was the first time that I felt, it was time for me to be me again. I put so much on making my counterpart happy that I forgot who I was in the first place. I admit, I've broken hearts but this was one of times where my heart was broken. I never had to feel this before and now it made me think twice about my actions. But I was lucky enough to have 3 of the best friends in the world to keep me sane, while I went through some crazy fights and nasty nights. Everything works out for the best though.

2008 was the first time in a while where I had a good group of friends, girls at that. Hah. But I actually had people that I could turn to that I could talk to about everything.

Joann, Steph, Weenie: You guys are the best friends a girl could ask for. We are some wild and crazy girls. We go through everything together and I'm glad I have you guys by my side.
Chirag: You are my life savior. You put my head in the right perspective. I can talk to you about anything and you won't judge me.
Serena and Serena: My original Fremont girls, you guys will always be in my heart.

I'm sure there are more people that have affected my life but you already know who you are.

I'm glad to leave behind a difficult relationship and Santa Cruz.

I want my friendships to stay the same for 2009, if not stronger.

I want to improve my understanding of myself. I want to feel like I really know who I am and never doubt myself.

Goals for 2009
  1. Get a 168 on my LSATs
  2. Get a job at a law firm/legal department
  3. Clear the clutter in my room
  4. Lose 5 pounds by using my Wii Fit every morning
  5. Spend a little more time on my appearance in the morning
  6. Do 2 things that will be a good story one day
  7. Go on a life-altering trip
  8. Get a tattoo
  9. Fall in love...with myself.
So now it's time to bring 2008 to a close. I'm going to have a great night with my bestie and ring in the new year in the city!

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