Monday, February 22, 2010


So after some reflection I have re-evaluated Lent and the reason for it.

I had originally given up white carbohydrates (i.e., white rice, white bread, white pasta) thinking that would suffice as my sacrifice for Lent. However after church today I discovered that Lent isn't about causing suffering or empty traditions. It's really about self-reflection. Now, I'm defs not the preachy type and I feel that religion is a very personal thing and I will not impose my beliefs on you dear readers, so don't you worry.

However, since I have done some reflection, I have discovered that I spend a lot of my day looking at other blogs. Now, I love reading these blogs and learning about all the things that other people can do with their time but I have neglected much of my own personal time by reading about others. So instead of reading about how others do things, I have decided to spend that time doing my own things. So as a result, blog posts may be lacking throughout the week or perhaps they may be less pictorial and more loquacious (big word alert, hah, I'm not even sure if I used it right). So if my own word musings bore you, I will not be hurt if you decide to go elsewhere for the next 32 days. Until then, expect a change in what I post or if I post at all.

Blogs I Love, you will be missed but I shall see you around Easter! With probably a huge catch up read. =)

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