Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ten things you want to say to ten different people:
1) I love what we have built. It's amazing.
2) Our lives will always be intertwined.
3) I love our relationship now. Thanks for always being there for me.
4) Thanks for giving me your knowledge.
5) You are the coolest kid. I'm so proud of you.
6) You need to be stronger. You need to believe in yourself.
7) It's time for you to move on. Stop chasing something that is no longer there.
8) Because of you I met him. Thanks.
9) Despite our rough everything, you taught me how to be a better me.
10) I miss you guys the most.

Nine things about yourself:
1) I like lists.
2) My style is very typical. Stripes, polka dots, skinny jeans, ballet flats.
3) I like to collect things.
4) If you're lucky to be one of my people, you will always be loved. Unless you mess it up.
5) I have never wanted a boy this bad. And I will do anything to keep what we have.
6) I love to surround myself with fun people. Don't be a Debbie Downer around me. I will drop you.
7) I love baked goods. If I'm mad or upset, you can always win with a pastry, doughnut, cupcake. Just saying.
8) I enjoy crafting.
9) I kind of love law school.

Eight ways to win your heart:
1) Food. Duh.
2) A shared tasted in music.
3) Fireworks.
4) Good family relationships. Never knew it until I saw it.
5) Write me a song? Play me some music?
6) Laugh with me.
7) Be motivated to do something with your life.
8) Intellectual conversations.

Seven things that cross your mind:
1) Come back to me.
2) How it will be when we're together.
3) How life will change after I graduate...again.
4) What am I going to eat later?
5) How you smell.
6) Finish this case brief.
7) Sleeping next to you. Soon.

Six things you wish you’d never done:
1) I
2) don't
3) have
4) regrets.
5) I
6) learn.

Five people who mean a lot:
1) Parents
2) Brother Bear.
3) TD
4) Jojo
5) PT girls.

Four turn offs:
1) Self righteous behavior.
2) Coughing/Sneezing without covering your mouth.
3) Clingsters.
4) Thinking you can "take me from my man". Who do you think you are?

Three turn ons:
1) Tattoos.
2) When you sweep my hair behind my ear.
3) A nice chest to cuddle up to.

Two smileys that describe your life right now:
1) <3
2) =D

One confession:
1) You are everything I want. I never want this to end.

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