Monday, March 22, 2010

30 Things to Do #3

Day 3: My favorite television program

Now as sad as it is, or maybe not so sad, I don't get to watch a lot of television anymore. I don't really have the time and I don't really let it run my life like I used to. Trust me, I made my own weekly television schedule in college.

So now when I get the chance, I usually watch it online since I probably already missed it when it aired.

How I Met Your Mother is the go to show when I'm folding my laundry or cleaning my room.

If I'm at the gym (where there is cable) I will watch anything on Food Network, even if it is a re-run. Giada is my favorite because she says anything Italian with rolled R, her kitchen is impeccable, and she always wears those low cut tops to showcase her amazing cleavage. Yes, us girls notice these things too. Plus she seems so nice and cute and the food she makes always looks so delicious and do-able too.

See what I'm talking about?!

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