Thursday, March 18, 2010

30 Things to Do #1

I'm copying Geoff. I dont' know where he got this list of to-dos. But I'm going to try to attempt them because I find my blog boring now. Sorry blog but I gotta be honest. Without reading other people's blogs, I find that I don't have much to actually right about. So here we can learn a little bit about me. I don't mean to be selfish but it is my blog after all.

So here goes...

Day 1: Your Favorite Song

This is tough. I love music. Almost every song I love has a specific meaning to my life. They are like markers in the road of my journey of life. Wow, that sounded super lame. Haha, but it's true!

But if I had to post one, it might as well be Beach Boy's Kokomo. This song reminds me of my Dad, who used to play the LP for me when I was a kid just so I could wear my pink "swingy" dress and dance. My dancing involved just twisting my body so that my little ruffled dress could swing around. That's still how I dance. Haha just kidding.

I still listen to this song and it makes me just feel a little calmer and it does make me want to go to drink some tropical drink and lie on the beach. *sighhhh. If only...

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