Friday, March 19, 2010

30 Things to Do #2

Day 2: Your Favorite Movie

Aww man. Movies are like music to me. There's a lot that I could watch over and over again. There's a lot that I watch to just feel. You know what I mean?

I remember there were times in high school or college where I get so focused on something that I become an emotionless robot. I still do that actually. Movies were a way for me to just crawl into my jammies and just feel something. Most of the time that would mean crying. Just a couple weeks ago, I was feeling like I needed to expel some emotion so I watch The Time Traveler's Wife. Now it's not my favorite movie but it did get some emotion out of me. So sometimes I use movies as a way to feel human again, as strange as that sounds.

But let's see, my favorite movie. Hmmm...I would need to categorize this.

Favorite movie from childhood. Hands down, Cinderella.

Favorite Musical? The Sound of Music tied with Grease

Favorite movie now? Un Homme et Une Femme


  1. That's what books are for me- when I really want to get completely immersed in an emotion, I grab a favorite book. Have you seen "Amelie?" It's a great movie for feeling emotional. At least I think so! lol

  2. Oh yea, Amelie is one of my favorites too. It's such a beautifully made movie.


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