Wednesday, March 31, 2010


After 65 days...only 15 more to go.

I rarely post about the details of my not-so-intricate life. I'd like to think I'm fairly private about certain things.

But I cannot wait to see my boy.

Just the idea of trivial outings such as grabbing coffee or going to dinner is like a dream to me. Something as small as whispering "I love you" or cuddling is something I never take for granted when the opportunity arises. These are little things that I hope you happy couples never take for granted because I know at one time in my life I did.
Long distance isn't something I chose and I don't know that I would want that for my friends but this challenge has made me come to appreciate all that this love has given me. For the moments that we have together, the 500 miles are minor detail.

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